About Us

Education in wellness, consumerism
Company Overview
The Lyte Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization with several planned activities that arise from its mission of empowering individuals for self-improvement in health and general well being.

Some of our projects:

1. Compilation and publication of a cookbook comprising recipes to help people with diabetic or overweight conditions. The project would involve advance financing of the publication through orders from participating health organizations. The recipes would target participants with an affinity for Hawaiian and other island cuisines.

2.  Production of a musical CD that would celebrate the well being of children, especially in the socially underprivileged sectors of the Hawaii community.

3. Sponsorship of various classes that empower individuals with practical skills, such as car maintenance, and financial literacy.

General Information
The organization formed in June 2010, but only in the spring of 2011 were more of its leadership organized and its plans developed. The next two years will be primarily a capacity-building period for the organization, with modest fundraising goals. The board will be applying for such capacity-building grants over the next year from local organizations such as The People’s Fund, the Hawaii Community Foundation and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.
Our mission is to empower people to make good choices in all aspects of a healthy life. The Lyte Foundation supports projects that include emotional health as well as nutrition, weight control and fitness.